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Decaffeinated coffee, how it is born and curiosity.

Coffee is a drink of tropical origin, a fruit from which beans are obtained which are then treated, roasted and ground. With the use of boiling water and a filter coffee can be prepared: strong, aromatic, with an intense flavour.

The love for coffee is expressed using different types of beans, roasting and processing. For decades, coffee roasters have been using tricks and new methods to prepare truly unforgettable coffee.

Unfortunately, however, not everyone tolerates an element that is naturally present in coffee: caffeine . This alkaloid has a more or less powerful effect on the human organism, an effect which is particularly negative for some people.

This is why decaffeinated coffee was born. But how is it produced and what are the reasons for drinking decaffeinated?

The caffeine

Decaffeinated coffee is called this way because caffeine, an alkaloid that has a stimulating effect on the body, is eliminated . More precisely, it is a stimulant that has a sympathetic-mimetic influence on our brain.

The result in the body is more intense nervous activity, and an increased heart rate.

Many take coffee not so much for its taste and smell, but for the exciting effect it causes. Some of the more common positive effects are sharper attention, energy, and focused attention.

However, there are several negative effects, more pronounced in some more sensitive organisms: tachycardia, nervousness, tension, insomnia, stomach acid and reflux.

The decaffeination

The process of eliminating caffeine is called " decaffeination ": this allows you to create the famous decaffeinated coffee.

The process takes place on an industrial level, in the phase of preparation of the coffee beans. By using different chemicals (the first being plain water) it is possible to effect caffeine elimination.

The procedure is usually divided into these phases: inflation, extraction, recovery of the solvent, drying, packaging and analysis. Each step is carefully designed to provide a coffee with a caffeine content of less than 0.1%.

Decaffeinated coffee, the alternative to enjoy coffee

Those suffering from tachycardia, stomach problems (such as gastric reflux) or anxiety and stress can continue to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee thanks to decaffeination.

Finding decaffeinated coffee is very easy and is available in any bar or restaurant, but also in supermarkets that sell loose coffee or in capsules and pods.

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