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Macchiato coffee: how to prepare it and other curiosities

Italy is the homeland of good coffee: every Italian knows and appreciates the culture around this dark, delicious and very versatile drink.

The coffee tradition in Italy mainly revolves around espresso, a coffee drunk in small quantities but with an intense flavour. Every self-respecting bar offers its own version of espresso (often with different blends).

Alongside this timeless classic is the " caffè macchiato ".

Let's find out together how to prepare it and all the recipes based on macchiato coffee.

How to make macchiato coffee

The macchiato takes its name from the "stain" that the addition of milk creates on the dark base of the espresso. Because the macchiato is made just like this: first prepare an espresso in a cup, then froth the milk (usually whole milk) with the milk frother, until a compact foam is created and pour into the cup.

The ideal macchiato foam has few bubbles, remains on the surface and creates a creamy layer of milk over the coffee.

To create the perfect macchiato, not only a professional and quality milk frother is enough, but also the skill of the barman , who must dose the right amount of milk and steam to create the ideal froth.

The macchiato is served in the same cup as the espresso: a small ceramic cup (it is rare to find the macchiato in a glass cup), already heated before pouring the coffee. It can also be drunk as it is, or with the addition of sugar, both traditional and cane.

Evolutions and alternatives

The macchiato was the basis from which many other types of coffee were born. In addition to the more traditional ones, the imagination of barmen from all over the world has given life to many truly delicious creations.

One of the "evolution" of this drink is the latte macchiato : if the macchiato is an espresso coffee base with a drop of milk, the latte macchiato is the exact opposite. It is usually served in a larger glass, because the milk is in larger quantities. Mandatory is always the cream or milk foam on the surface.

Other mouth-watering coffees that start from a macchiato base are the marocchino and the mocaccino , with the addition of cocoa or chocolate syrup: a must for lovers of sweet drinks.

Finally, macchiato coffee can also be drunk decaffeinated, or prepared with a coffee substitute (usually barley or chicory).

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