capri è l'isola più bella del mediterraneo, scopri il nostro caffè capri

Capri: the pearl of the Mediterranean

The island of Capri is famous for its scenic beauty and for the glamor of its summers. It can be easily reached from all the most beautiful places on the Sorrento peninsula with a pleasant boat trip of just over thirty minutes.

A bit of history

The name of the island probably derives from the Greek Kapros, which means wild boar, as if to indicate the game that abounded in the thick vegetation of the island. Apparently Capri was once joined to the Sorrento Peninsula; further to telluric movements, then, the ridge that connected the current island with the mainland would have collapsed giving life to the island of Capri. Since ancient times, Capri was appreciated by the rich and powerful and soon became the privileged residence of Roman emperors and patricians. First Augustus and then Tiberius (who spent most of his time in command of the empire in his villa Jovis in Capri) were able to appreciate its charm and beauty.

Capri today

Today Capri continues its tourist tradition that began in the second half of the 1800s. Since then, tourists from all over the world stay on the island every year or visit it by sea to admire its coasts, its caves and the splendid Faraglioni. Many famous people continue to choose it as their privileged destination and sometimes as a retreat to devote themselves to their activities.

There are many attractions that Capri is able to offer to visitors: from the famous square, to the shopping streets, to the Certosa di San Giacomo, to the small village of Anacapri. These are just small examples of the beauty that the island is able to offer to tourists.

The best way to visit the island is to discover it in all its facets with a boat ride and then experience it by walking through its narrow streets, stopping to eat in the famous restaurants and, why not, spending the night in the historic "taverna anema and heart".

The boat tour

The boat ride is an unmissable experience, which opens the doors to breathtaking caves, natural arches and landscapes that will remain etched in the memory of all visitors. In addition to the famous blue cave (which takes on its characteristic color due to a play of lights), you will be guided in the green cave, famous for its emerald color, in the coral cave, in the white one where you can also admire a splendid natural arch. For the more adventurous, it will be possible to visit a cave whose stalactites and stalagmites have created a figure that many assimilate to the figure of the virgin.

Capri, the island of VIPs with breathtaking views always manages to offer everyone an unforgettable experience.

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