Il caffè di cicoria: un caffè depurativo

Chicory coffee: a purifying coffee

Ever heard of chicory coffee? Well yes, an excellent alternative to classic coffee or decaffeinated coffee is chicory coffee both for its innumerable beneficial properties and for its pleasantly bitter taste. Chicory coffee is obtained from the roots of Chichorium intybus, these roots are usually harvested in autumn. After being cleaned from the earth, peeled and dried, they are reduced to powder to be used as a drink.

But when was he born?

The origins of chicory coffee are very ancient and can even be traced back to the Egyptians, but its period of maximum diffusion was during the Second World War. In fact, during the war, raw materials such as sugar, chocolate and coffee were practically unobtainable and extremely expensive, so a substitute had to be found. The farmers were the first to discover this drink using one of the most common herbs: chicory.

Chicory coffee boasts countless benefits, let's see which ones:

  • It helps the production of bile thus stimulating digestion and regular bowel function.
  • The antioxidant properties of chicory make this drink useful for fighting free radicals and preventing cellular ageing.
  • It is a detoxifier for our liver.
  • Thanks to inulin which rebalances the bacterial flora and blood sugar levels, it can also be used by those with diabetes.
  • It is caffeine-free and therefore can be used several times a day, even in the evening.

How to prepare a good chicory coffee:

There are two procedures for preparing chicory coffee:

  • With the moka, just fill the filter of the coffee maker only halfway with the chicory coffee powder and wait for the time for a classic coffee.
  • For the decoction instead it will be necessary to pour about 30 grams of root powder into a saucepan of water and bring it to a boil, at the end of the process it will be necessary to filter the contents.

There are now also practical soluble sachets on the market to dissolve in a cup of hot water or other vegetable drinks. If the taste of chicory coffee is too bitter it can be sweetened with honey, maple syrup or other natural sweeteners. It is advisable to drink the chicory coffee still hot to make the most of its digestive properties.


Being a natural product, in addition to the countless benefits, it has contraindications. In fact, it is not recommended for pregnant women because it stimulates uterine contractions. It should not be used by anyone with gastritis or peptic ulcer problems.

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