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Ravello - City of Music

In the province of Salerno is the town of Ravello , a jewel set on the Amalfi coast. This place full of natural and cultural charm hosts a renowned Festival and has a history of art and music not to be missed.

The history of Ravello

Ravello is an ancient town in the Salerno area, and has been a Unesco World Heritage Site since 1996. In addition to being a place of rare beauty, it is also a tourist destination loved by Italian and foreign travellers.

Its ancient history makes it boast several medieval buildings, but this is not the only thing that makes Ravello so fascinating. This town has earned the name of "city of music", and has many reasons to deserve it.
It was founded during the time of the ancient Romans, but developed and reached its peak during the Marine Republic of Amalfi.
Ravello welcomed many illustrious guests ; not only aristocratic families who settled here during the golden age of Ravello, but also many famous people throughout history.
One of these is Richard Wagner, who was inspired by Villa Rufolo to create the opera of Parsifal. In addition to him, other greats of music, such as Toscanini, Verdi and Bernstein also stayed here.

Ravello as the center of the international music scene

Its natural position makes it rich in spectacular coastal landscapes , and is also dotted with viewpoints (such as that of the Princess of Piedmont). The Gulf of Amalfi is a fascinating place that adds further beauty to Ravello.

First, Ravello hosts the International Music Festival , which has made this place the hub of musical and cultural activities in its area. The Ravello Festival is a multicultural event that attracts visitors from all over the world.
During the event, shows, concerts and exhibitions are held. The duration of the event is long: it begins in late spring and lasts throughout the year. The birth of this festival is attributed to a celebration in 1953 by the Provincial Tourist Board, which wanted to pay homage to Wagner with a series of concerts in his honour.
From that moment, Ravello became a place to celebrate the most beautiful music. Every year musical events are organized which have hosted many Italian and foreign artists. Some of the most important participations were those of the London Symphony Orchestra, the Orchestra Nationale de France, the St. Petersburg Philharmonic, not to mention many classical and contemporary musicians, including singers, dancers and directors.

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