Comprare un souvenir a capri per ricordare i bei momenti passati sull'isola, qui una guida sui più belli

Souvenir Capri, guide to choosing the perfect keepsake

Capri, a splendid Italian island rich in nature, architecture and ancient history. One of the most evocative places in the entire peninsula, it is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world.
Its history and charm make it irresistible for national and international VIPs, but its heart is always that of a wonderful island, to be visited at least once in a lifetime.

If you plan to visit Capri, you will definitely want to take a souvenir with you that can remind you of the beautiful landscapes of the island even after your trip.
For this reason, it is important to choose a souvenir that can represent what you loved most about your stay.
How, then, to choose the right souvenir in Capri ?

Clothing in Capri

Capri has become iconic in the collective imagination because it represents the stereotype of the sweet life, a type of luxurious, refined and elegant lifestyle.
While the style associated with Capri is reminiscent of the great films of the 1950s, that doesn't mean today's clothing is so dated.
On the island it is possible to find a large number of designer shops and boutiques , which produce very chic bespoke clothes.

Capri souvenirs: the perfume

Capri is special not only for its aesthetic beauty, but also for its natural perfumes. Being located in the Mediterranean, it is an ideal place to grow aromatic and perfumed plants. The scent of the sea mixes with that of citrus fruits and wild plants.
Discover one of the many shops offering handcrafted perfumes that will remind you of the light and suave air of the island.

A pair of handmade sandals

It's a bit of a cliché that women love shoes, but how can you resist a pair of handcrafted sandals?
The expert Capri craftsmen will be able to satisfy you with sandals created with leather and customizable. They can even be made to measure and with the decorations you prefer most.

Ceramics as a souvenir of Capri

In Capri it is possible to find ceramics everywhere (perhaps you might be interested in knowing more about ceramics ) from the most common to design ones. You will find cups in which to enjoy a real Italian coffee , plates, pitchers and everything imaginable for the home.

The food and wine of Capri

And if you are not a lover of clothes or accessories?
Capri cuisine is a must that you really can't miss. The typical products of the place are delicious; as well as trying the different restaurants that dot the island, you can take home some food and wine products to rediscover the same flavours.
In Capri ravioli are produced, made with caciotta, parmesan and marjoram. Even the caprese cake is a whim that does not disappoint. For alcohol lovers, you can buy a bottle of limoncello with local lemons.

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