We support local artisans and a century-old history of pottery and traditions.

Vietri ceramics are a Made in Italy artisan excellence that has made Vietri sul Mare famous all over the world over the years. In this magical place, alleys, houses and streets are decorated with local ceramics and flashes of blue, yellow and green recall the colors of the Amalfi Coast.

Here each piece is handmade through a long and complex manufacturing process. From the lathe that shapes the clay to baking and glazing. Brushstrokes of color create unique and recognizable decorations that make each piece unique and different from the others.

Costiera Caffè & Design relies on the master ceramists of Vetri sul Mare for the creation of the collection of cups. We collaborate with local artisans to create objects that are the perfect union between the ancient Vietrese tradition and the modernity of our vision.

We support our artisans and their work, the traditions and excellence of the Amalfi Coast to contribute in a small way to preserving Made in Italy.