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Discovery Box - Nespresso® compatible aluminum capsules

Discovery Box - Nespresso® compatible aluminum capsules

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Try our 4 coffee blends and discover your favourite.

The Discovery Box contains
Amalfi : intense aroma, strong and decisive taste
Capri : soft taste, balanced aroma
Positano : persistent, sweet and delicate aroma
Sorrento : decaffeinated with a strong taste and balanced aroma

4 cases of 10 roasted and ground coffee capsules, packaged in aluminum capsules compatible with Nespresso®* machines

*The Nespresso® brand is not owned by Costiera Caffe&Design or by companies connected to it.

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Customer Reviews

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ottimo caffe'

caffe' eccezionale,molto migliorato con le nuove capsule
servizio e cortesia ottimi
confezioni bellissime
noto soltanto una maggiore perdita d'acqua rispetto alle originali nella vaschetta di scolo della macchina

Costiera Caffé

Prodotto di buona qualitá, a differenza delle precedenti capsule, queste in alluminio danno al caffé una preservatezza migliore. Il gusto é piú corposo e avvolgente al palato, la densitá della schiuma é notevolmente migliorata. Gli unici difetti riscontrati, sono i tratteggi delle apertue delle scatole che sono da migliorare e il colore delle capsule, in questo caso, Capri e Amalfi sono identici, quindi indistinguibili se mescolate. Per finire, posso dire che é un'ottimo prodotto di qualitá ad un prezzo onesto.

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Aluminum allows you to keep the properties of the coffee unaltered. Taste and aroma retain their characteristics thanks to the protection of the aluminum which creates an efficient barrier against humidity, bacteria, oxygen and light. This way your coffee will always be fresh. Furthermore, our new capsules ensure excellent dispensing and extraordinary coffee in the cup thanks to perfect compliance with Nespresso® machines designed for the consumption of aluminum capsules. On the contrary, compostable and plastic capsules can present malfunctions or discrepancies, as well as having a lower protection of the characteristics of the coffee. Discovery Box - Nespresso® compatible aluminum capsules In order to be able to carry out separate waste collection in the best possible way, make sure you clean the capsules of coffee residues which you can throw away or reuse. You can deliver your capsules in the appropriate containers or at the drop-off points in your city.


A journey starts from the Amalfi Coast in search of the best qualities of Arabica and Robusta that we select from the main producers in the world. The coffee is then processed in Naples where the green coffee beans are roasted following precise roasting profiles which enhance their characteristics. After careful mixing, the packaged coffee then rests in order to reach perfect maturation and reach the consumer. The entire coffee making process takes place with particular attention to the environment and people and takes place right in Naples where coffee is much more than a drink: it is ritual and tradition. A true cult that places coffee at the center of people's everyday life and social life.


And what's better than drinking a coffee while admiring the unique panoramas of Capri and the Amalfi Coast? Hence the idea of ​​our packaging that becomes a postcard. We want you to feel in these places every time you drink one of our coffees. The 100% Robusta blend is dedicated to Amalfi: a strong and intense coffee like the history, colors and people of the ancient maritime republic. The island of Capri, the international symbol of the sweet life, inspired the 100% Arabica blend, the most precious. Our balanced coffee is, however, dedicated to Positano, the famous vertical city that extends along the alleys to the sea. And Sorrento, the cradle of a unique landscape, is the inspiration for our decaffeinated coffee.